All rules are subject to change at a momentís notice

  • Judges (word is law)
    • Coming Soon
  • Lead Tournament/Head Judge (word is law x10)
    • Stephen Kleckner
  • Landlord (power to kick you out if he doesn't like your face)
    • Chris Lopez

Team Formation and Registration

  • Each team must consist of no more and no less than 2 elgible players
  • Each team must assign one player as Team Captain
  • Each team must have a Team Name
  • Registration fee: $30 Per Team
  • It is encouraged, but not required, that each team represent a pinball league or group
  • Each team must fill out the online registration form and include the following information:
    • Team Name
    • Team Captain's Name
    • Second Team Member's Name
    • Team Captain's Email Address
    • League or Group Affiliation

Practice Time and Screw Around Games (SAG)

  • Participants are allowed to practice any games at the Phoenix Games location, any time before 11:45AM on September 21st
  • East Bay City Rumble will shoot for the games in the secondary location to be available for practice by 9:30AM on September 21st. Once available, practice time on these machines also ends at 11:45AM on September 21st.
  • Screw Around Games (SAGs) are not allowed by anyone until East Bay City Rumble staff have determined that the brackets are far enough along to allow it
  • Screw Around Games are off limits to any tournament participant still active in the brackets

Time Places and Dates

  • September 28 2013 (Saturday)
  • At Phoenix Games in Concord, CA
  • VIP parking in the back alley is CLOSED for this event. Please park in the front so we can accomodate spillage and a possible bbq
  • We will have two locations. Phoenix Games store front and the neighboring store (opposite the cosmetics store). Check in will take place in the neighboring store location at the front window.
  • Store opens at 10am, practice is okay (allow for maintenance)
  • Orientation and match assignment starts at noon
  • First balls plunged by 12:15
  • We will try to accomidate late teams, but no promises can be made (time efficiency is primary)
  • Rough brackets will be attempted to be posted the night before

Match Rules

  • A "Game" represents one 3 or 5-Ball game
  • A "Match" represents a best two out of three "Games" set
  • Brackets are double elimination with a winners and losers side
  • Elimination from the tournament requires losing two matches
  • Team vs. Team format
  • First game of the match is chosen randomly
  • Position for first game of the match is rewarded via best 2 out of 3 rock/paper/scissors match between team captains
  • Winner of rock/paper/scissors match chooses either position of current game or game choice of second game
  • Both teams must coin up for a 4-player game
  • The team that chooses position decides if they are going "odd" or "even".
  • Teams representing "odd" are playing players 1 and 3 on the DMD, with "Even" players representing player's 2 and 4.
  • Odd team must then assign who on their team is playing "player 1" and who is playing "player 3"
  • Even team assigns who is playing player 2 and player 4 on their team
  • Team members can NOT swap their assigned DMD player position once the first ball from their first player has been plunged
  • Once the final ball has drained in a game, teams must write down all four scores
  • Players 1 and 3 on the DMD score are then added together
  • Players 2 and 4's scores are also added together
  • The team with the higher total combined score wins the game
  • If a third game needs to be played, the team that has not chosen a game must choose game with the other team choosing position

Play Rules

  • No bang backs or death saves allowed
  • Slam tilt is auto-loss of game. Offending team must either pay for the next game or pay the victimized team back their coin up of tilted game
  • Extra balls are "touch rubber" rules. The short version is that you have infinite plunges, infinite flips until the ball touches flipper rubber. Then it is infinite plunges, ONE FLIP. Video Modes and Mini-playfield Modes may be played. Here is a longer and clearer explanation of the "Touch Rubber" Extra Ball Rule.
  • Coaching of your own team members is allowed
  • Disturbing and distracting another team's players purposely during a match game is not allowed
  • Physically touching another team's player or physically touching/disturbing the table while said player is playing a match game is not allowed

One-Man Teams and Player Absence Rules

  • We will not entertain registrations for one-man teams
  • A team must contain two players for a minimum of three matches of play
  • If after three matches a team finds that one of their players has to leave/vacate/gets disqualified -- THEN that team may be considered a "Valid one-man team"
  • A valid one-man team only coins up ONE PLAYER for their games
  • It is the burden of the lone player on the valid one-man team to defeat their opponents with one player score
  • Substitutes for a valid one-man team are not allowed
  • A valid one-man team may only become a two-man team again IF their original team member comes back (in the case of disqualification, this is not going to happen)

Finals Rules

  • Matches are best 3 out of 5 games
  • First game is randomly selected
  • Winner of rock/paper/scissors chooses either game 1's position or game 2's game
  • Game and position selection then bounces back and forth for the remainder of the match
  • Loser's Finalist must win two sets of 3 out of 5 games to win the tournament

True Finals (AKA Double Dragon Finals) Rules

  • After the winning team is decided in the finals, we go into the True Finals
  • The players on the winning team must face each other in a best 3 out of 5 match
  • First game is chosen randomly
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors determines position
  • Loser of first game chooses second game, with winner choosing position. Position and Game choice alternates after that.
  • Winner of this match walks away with the Grand Champion title


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams get a % of the pot
  • True Finals winner gets a side pot seperate from the team pot

Additional Rules

  • No unneccesary roughness on equipment or human beings
  • No jerks
  • Only the tournament organizer may label someone a jerk
  • Even if tournament organizer is a jerk
  • If the situation occurs where we can pronounce a winning team, but not a Grand Champion, the Grand Champion pot will go into the EBP treasury fund
  • If an act of God stops us from getting through the first round of the tournament, refunds will be issued
  • Otherwise, no refunds

Breaking Rules

  • There are four types of penalization for breaking the rules outside of anything mentioned prior: Verbal Warning, Light Disqualification, Disqualification and Ejection
  • Light Disqualification = a team member is disqualified from the tournament for X amount of matches. Rendering their team a Valid One-Man Team for that time. After X number of matches, the player who was Light DQ'd may rejoin their team.
  • Disqualification = Disqualified from the tournament entirely. That player's team is officially a Valid One-Man Team for the duration of the tournament. This can only be approved by the tournament director.
  • Ejection = you aren't just Disqualified, but you're kicked out of the establishment altogether. This can only be approved by the tournament director OR the landlord.
  • Players who are not judges may not recommend penalization
  • Judges may not judge on their own matches
  • There is no progression to a stricter penalty. For instance, punching someone in the face will not get a verbal warning, but an immediate ejection
  • Be competitive, but keep it civil and within the rules. We really don't want to enforce any of this section