There are two steps to registering for East Bay City Rumble:

Step One A
Open up your mail client of choice and create an email addressed to ebcr AT drunkentemple DOT com (AT=@ DOT=.). Be sure to include all of this information:

  • Team Name:
  • Team Captain:
  • Team Member:
  • League Affiliation (if any):
  • Email Address:

All of the listed information above is MANDATORY. Pre-registering online will officially close at 9:00PM PST September 27th, 2013. After that time, you'll have to show up for onsite registration (B explained below).

Step One B
So for whatever reason, you don't want to pre-register. We'll accept on site registration on the morning of September 28th until 11:30AM. Show up to the front window of the second location (next door to Phoenix Games) and request to be signed up for the tournament. You still need to be able to provide the information above. Yes, you need a team name.

Step Two
Pay your registration fee ($30 Per Team). You can do this one of three ways:

  • Show up to a EBP league night and pay either Stephen or David. If you are paying this way, pay for the entire team. Please do not hand us only your half of the team registration expecting us to hunt down the rest of your team for the fee. Pay for your entire team in one shot.
  • Show up to Phoenix Games in Concord, CA and ask to pay for your team's registration at the counter.
  • Show up to East Bay City Rumble the morning of the tournament and check in/pay at the secondary location's front window before 11:45AM.