All rules are subject to change at a momentís notice

  • Judges (word is law)
    • Kevin Riekki
    • Jim Vierra
    • Chris Heilig
  • Lead Tournament/Head Judge (word is law x10)
    • Stephen Kleckner
  • Landlord (power to kick you out if he doesn't like your face)
    • Chris Lopez
  • Techs
    • TJ Beyer
    • David Rockholt (Depindable Pinball)
    • Jim Vierra


  • Registration fee is $40 per TEAM
  • Online registration closes the evening of March 14th, 2014
  • Onsite registration closes at 11:45AM on March 15th, 2014
  • There is NO WILDCARD TEAM OR INDIVIDUALS TEAM REGISTRATION. In order to register, a team must comprise of three people total. We will not accept teams of 2 or 1 and we will not assemble a team for you.
  • There is NO registration cap
  • Teams must fill out the form completely. Include a team name, team playersí names, name of the team captain, league you are associated with and contact email.

Tournament Format

  • Team vs. Team Strikes Format
  • Matches are best two out of three games, except finals, which may be 3 out of 5 depending on strikes.

Match Specific Rules

  • 3-Ball games only
  • First game is randomly chosen by tournament director
  • Team Captains are to either Rock/Paper/Scissor best 2 out of 3, coin flip or coin to wall toss -- against each other. The winner gains choice of EITHER:
    • Choice of position for first games (gaining choice of third game and allowing the other team position choice second game) OR
    • Choice of game for the second game (allowing the other team position choice of first game and choice of game for third game)
  • Second game is chosen by what was determined in the RPS stage of the first game
  • Third game is chosen by the team that has not chosen a game yet
  • Games are to be coined up for a 2-player game. One Team selects to represent player 1 on the scoreboard, while the other represents player 2.
  • Team mates must then take turns playing balls 1, 2 and 3 of their game.
  • Maximum/minimum 1 ball per game per team member.
  • Team with the highest score wins the game

Extra Ball Rules

  • Extra balls are "touching flipper rubber" rule.
  • Teams MAY choose a different team mate to perform the one-flip. This does not count for or against a players maximum balls played.
  • Extra ball option: Teams are allowed to sacrifice one of their normal play balls in order to play their extra ball. The extra ball is then treated like a normal ball, where a new player takes over. The normal ball the team has elected to sacrifice is then given the ďone-flipĒ rule. This option cannot be exercised after the third ball and is only allowed a maximum of two extra balls. Every subsequent extra ball must be one flipped.
  • Example:
    • Team EBP Yo! vs. Team Bapa WTF?
    • Player A from Team BAPA WTF? Plays the teamís first ball, then drains.
    • Player 1 from Team EBP Yo! Plays his teamís first ball and drains.
    • Player B from Team BAPA WTF? plays their teamís second ball and earns an extra ball.
    • The second ball drains and Team BAPA WTF? elects to use the Extra Ball Option and play the extra ball.
    • Player C from Team BAPA WTF? steps up and plays the extra ball, then drains.
    • Player 2 from Team EBP Yo! plays his teamís second ball and earns an extra ball.
    • Team EBP Yo! decide they want their third ball, so elect to NOT use the Extra Ball Option.
    • Player 2 from Team EBP Yo! one flips the extra ball and drains.
    • Player C from Team Bapa WTF? steps up and one-flips ball 3 as if it were an extra ball and drains.
    • Player 3 from Team EBP Yo! plays his teamís third ball.

General Gameplay Rules

  • No Death Saves
  • Slam Tilt is automatic loss of that game and offending team must pay for oppossing team's next game.
  • Multiple Slam Tilts or extreme physical abuse of the machine will result in a DQ for the player and possibly the entire team.
  • Making physical contact or deliberately distracting a player while he/she is playing a tournament game is not allowed. Severity or multiple incidents will result in DQ.
  • Jerks will not be tolerated

Team Rules

  • Maximum/minimum three players per team for first round of tournament
  • Coaching is allowed
  • May play in any order
  • For sake of organization and ruling issues, all teams must have one player acting as captain

Team Rules: Act of God Edition

  • After round 1 of the tournament, the minimum number of players per team is 2
  • If after round 1 of the tournament a team loses a player, that team is considered a 2-Man team.
    • 2-Man teams must treat the third player's normal ball as an extra ball (see extra ball rules).
    • 2-Man teams may decide which normal play ball will represent the missing third player's ball.
      • Example: Stephen and Chris are a 2-Man team, because Kevin dropped out. Stephen and Chris can choose to elect Ball 1, Ball 2 or Ball 3 as "Kevin's ball", and is treated as if it is an extra ball.
    • Substitute players are not allowed
  • One player teams are not allowed and your team will be DQ'd.

Prizes/Registration Split

  • Coming soon.
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