Royale is the East Bay Pinball League’s annual 3-man team tournament! All leagues and Bay Area based pinball players are officially challenged to form their best 3-man cadres in order to battle it out in the most grueling and unforgiving team-based format in the world!

How does it work? One team of three will face off against another team of three. Games are coined up for two players, with one team representing player 1 and the other team representing player 2 on the DMD. Members of each team are allowed to play only one ball! The team with the highest score wins the game. Matches are best 2-out-of-3 games, with the loser of a match gaining a strike. Three strikes and your team is out of the tournament!

The format is notoriously quick and especially brutal to teams that cannot adapt and work together. More specific information on how the event works can be found in the FAQ and Rules sections of this site.

Royale 2014 is taking place at the best little video game shop in the Bay Area and headquarters of East Bay Pinball League: Phoenix Games in Concord California.

Balls plunge at Noon on Saturday, March 15th 2014. Online registration closes March 14th at 8PM PST, with Onsite registration closing at 11:45AM March 15th.

NEW!Just like last year's East Bay City Rumble, Royale 2014 has secured a second location next door to Phoenix Games. This means that there is NO REGISTRATION CAP! We will also have around 8-10 additional games for the tournament. On site registration will take place at the secondary location, which is just next door to Phoenix Games. Just look for the Royale 2014 posters in the window.

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