Fall '12 / Week #8

There was a small turnout this week with only 16 people showing up, and thus only 4 teams being formed. It was sci-fi night so to speak, since the randomly drawn games all have science fiction themes: Star Trek, Johnny Mnemonic, Twilight Zone, and Doctor Who. Josh W., Stephen, and Austin (on 2 different games) earned top scores for the night on those games so they were the ones who earned bonus points for the night.

Fall '12 / Week #7

This week 21 people showed up to play pinball, so 6 teams were necessary. As always, with 6 teams there were 8 games in rotation total; 3 of the teams played 4 games and the other 3 teams played a different set of 4 games. High scores for the night were achieved by Matt, Keith, Chris H. (on 2 different games), David, Justin, Kevin, and Jim. Austin had to leave early so he was only able to get scores on 2 games--he got a 4th place on his team by default on the last 2 games he did not get to finish.

Fall '12 / Week #6

This week 18 people showed up, including 1 new player. We had enough people to make 5 teams, so everyone played the same set of 4 games: Guns N' Roses, Addams Family, Spider-Man, and Johnny Mnemonic. Top scores for the night were achieved by Kevin, Matt, David, and Keith, so they each got 0.5 bonus points added to their totals.

Fall '12 / Week #5

This week we had 21 people show up, even though it was rainy weather; since there were so many people we had 6 teams total, which hasn't happened in a while. Therefore, we had 3 teams playing 1 set of games and the other 3 teams playing a different set of games to speed up the whole process. Spider-Man was back in the store so that automatically was in the lineup with 1 of the sets of games. With extra games in the lineup for the night, more bonus points were awarded; bonus points were earned by Josh W., Chris H., Stephen, Rich, David, Aaron, Kevin, and Wes for earning the top scores on certain machines for the night.

Fall '12 / Week #4

Fall '12 / Week #3

This was week #3 out of the new season so most people had 2 weeks worth of scores to be grouped by, instead of being randomly assigned to teams; for the remaining weeks of this season everyone will be placed into teams based on their scores from the last 2 weeks they have attended. There were 5 teams so everyone played the same games. Top scores for the night were earned by Aaron, Erica, Chris H., and Keith.

Fall 2012 Standings

Fall '12 / Week #2

Fall '12 / Week #1

Summer '12 / Week #12

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