East Bay Pinball League

Welcome to the San Francisco East Bay Pinball League. A fun, friendly, open league that anybody can participate in. Feel free to stop by any time to chat, or to play a few pins.

When: Every Thursday night @7:30pm
Where: Phoenix Games 4425 I-A Treat Blvd. Concord, CA 94521

Current Games in Rotation:

  • Cirqus Voltaire
  • Medieval Madness
  • World Cup Soccer
  • Star Trek (LE)
  • X-Men
  • AC/DC (Premium)
  • Star Wars Trilogy
  • Twilight Zone
  • Addams Family
  • Champion Pub
  • Scared Stiff
  • Tales From the Crypt
  • Stargate

For more information please send an email to league@eastbaypinball.org

Winter 2014 End-Of-Season Tournament Brackets

The tournament is tonight! Results will be updated live after every match.

Winter '14 / Week #10

Winter '14 / Week #9

This week we had fewer people show up than what we've had over the last several weeks. It was sci-fi night, with the four games in the lineup being Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and Twilight Zone. Bonus points were earned by Stephen and Mitch for each getting the top scores on two of the machines for the night.

Winter '14 / Week #8

Winter '14 / Week #7

Winter '14 / Week #6

Winter '14 / Week #5

Winter '14 / Week #4

Winter '14 / Week #3

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