Spring '13 / Week #9

Spring '13 / Week #8

Spring '13 / Week #7

Spring '13 / Week #6

This week 2 new machines (WWF Royal Rumble and Champion Pub) were new arrivals to the store location, so those were automatically added into the lineup for the night. The other games selected were AC/DC and Twilight Zone. There were only enough players to form 4 teams, so everyone played the same group of games. Bonus points were earned by Chris H. (on 2 games), Kevin, and Jim.

Spring '13 / Week #5

Spring '13 / Week #4

This week AC/DC was a new arrival, so that was automatically in the lineup for the night.  The other games picked were Tales From the Crypt, Frankenstein, and Star Wars.  Bonus points were earned by Jim, David (on 2 games), and Matt.

Spring '13 / Week #3

Starting from this week most people had a 2-week-score basis to go by, so teams were arranged based on points earned during the last 2 weeks; the rest of the season will have players placed on teams accordingly, as usual. Everyone played the same set of games: Doctor Who, Addams Family, Lights... Camera... Action!, and Hook. Bonus points were earned by Jim and Stephen (on 3 different games, he almost had a perfect score).

Spring 2013 Standings

Spring '13 / Week #2

Spring '13 / Week #1

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