Summer '14 / Week #2

Summer '14 / Week #1

Spring 2014 End of Season Tournament

On July 3, 2014 EBP had the end-of-season tournament. Players who had shown up at least 5 times during the season were eligible, and the 2 lowest scores were dropped from everyone's point totals (absent days count as "zeroes"). The format consisted of single elimination per opponent; matches were best of 3 games against that opponent. So in other words, whoever wins those set of games moves on to the next round and the loser is eliminated. Here are the brackets to track the results of the tournament.  Dan did very well, winning the final match and thus reinforcing his first place spot that he was at when going in to the tournament. In 2 weeks (after California Extreme), the new season will start and we'll do it all over again!

Spring '14 / Week #10

This was the final week of the season before the end-of-season tournament, so points were more crucial than before. The games played were Metallica, Cirqus Voltaire, Champion Pub, and Scared Stiff. Bonus points were awarded to Stephen, Chris H., Matt M., and Wes for getting the high scores on the games for the night. There was a disqualification due to accidentally holding the restart button (thus restarting the game) instead of holding the launch button on Champion Pub--disqualifications count as zero points, like interference or a slam tilt would also be.

Spring '14 / Week #9

Spring '14 / Week #8

Spring '14 / Week #7

Spring '14 / Week #6

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Spring '14 / Week #4

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