Fall '13 / Week #11

Fall '13 / Week #10

Fall '13 / Week #9

Fall '13 / Week #8

This week we had a couple new games on location (Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Trek), so those were automatically in the lineup. The other games that rounded out the lineup were AC/DC and Champion Pub. Bonus points were earned by Chris H., Mike, and David Rockholt (on 2 games).

Fall '13 / Week #7

Fall '13 / Week #6

Fall '13 / Week #5

Fall '13 / Week #4

There was a malfunction with Simpsons mid-game before everyone was able to play it, so a different game had to be selected as its replacement; Diner was selected by the judges since it was the next machine over. Only 2 teams had a chance to play Simpsons and 3 teams played Diner, so no bonus points were given for either of those games. All teams were able to complete the other 3 games, so bonus points were awarded on AC/DC (David Rockholt), Medieval Madness (Chris H.), and Star Wars (Jim).

Fall '13 / Week #3

Fall 2013 Standings

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