Winter '13 / Week #5

Winter '13 / Week #4

Winter '13 / Week #3

Winter 2013 Standings

Winter '13 / Week #2

Winter '13 / Week #1

Winter '12 / End of season tournament

In progress, update coming soon.

Fall '12 / Week #11

This week we had 16 people show up to play pinball, so only 4 teams were made and everyone played the same 4 games: Twilight Zone, Johnny Mnemonic, Star Trek: the Next Generation, and Doctor Who. This was also the final week of standard League play for the season so points were especially crucial before the upcoming tournament next week. Bonus points were earned by Kevin, Josh W., and Jay (on 2 games) for earning the high scores on those games for the night. Since this was the last week of standard League play, final standings scores have been updated to prepare for the tournament--most players had their 2 lowest scores dropped if they had shown up every week during the season (absences counted as zeros). So on the overall standings page, there is a column which shows the revised scores that we will be using for placement during the tournament.

Fall '12 / Week #10

This week we had 22 people show up to play pinball, including 3 new players. There were enough people to create 6 teams, and we moved Keith to the team with the new players so he could walk them through the rules of league play; obviously a team consisting of only 3 new players would not work well since nobody could guide them through technicalities and rules. With the extra players participating, more games were in the lineup--all games were randomly selected as usual. 1 group played Transformers, Cactus Canyon, Johnny Mnemonic, and Spider-Man, while the other group played Addams Family, Shrek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. Out of all the games played, bonus points were earned by David, Matt (on 2 games), Rich (on 2 games), Jim, Kevin, and Erica.

Fall '12 / Week #9

This week we only had 15 people show up to play, so that made enough for 4 teams. Everyone was supposed to play the same set of 4 games, but Cactus Canyon broke down half-way through the 2nd team's game so a replacement game was necessary--Addams Family. Since 1 team already played Cactus Canyon and the other teams were playing a different game, no bonus points were earned for those particular games; in order to be fair, teams must all be playing the same game in order to be eligible for bonus points. So Chris H (on Guns N' Roses), Kevin (on Spider-Man), and David (on Firepower) were the ones to earn bonus points for the night.

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