Seasons In Transition

Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall
Keep the world in time.
Spinning around like a ball
Never to unwind.

So the seasons are changing and the days here are typically getting brighter and warmer.  And as the Winter leaves us behind and Spring is approaching, so does the passing of the Winter 2012 EBPL season into the Spring 2012 season.  The previous week was our end-of-season closing tournament for the EBPL, and this week wasn't an "official" league night in that points were not awarded to everyone and nobody would be penalized for not showing up; it was essentially just hanging out with the rest of the League and playing games.  Coincidenally, we had a very small turnout tonight with probably about 10 showing up, so we had a mini-tournament with the prize of bonus points for the Spring season.  Think of it as extra credit if you will, for doing well in pinball on a night that isn't required.  After all of the games in this mini-tournament Jim yet again emerged victorious, so he will be awarded an additional 10 bonus points to his total score at the end of the Spring 2012 season.  Next week will be the official first week of the new season, and everyone will start off fresh and new once again.  Stay tuned to see how things go!